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Not sure if the neopocalypse is over yet…

Not sure if the neopocalypse is over yet…

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…and nothing’s working =/

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Looks like neopets is finally back.

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School/work is seriously taking up all of my life right now, so I’m probably going to be on semi-hiatus for now. I will continue on doing my giveaways though :)

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i really wanted to draw a xwee but I don’t own one

so here’s a weird pastel xwee

as you can see my blending of colours needs much work

how to get over no motivation T.T

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I was trying to pick the best of the batch to post… but I decided you just needed to see them all.

I don’t know this Andy fellow… but I kind of want to be his friend!

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And the winners are…

1st Prize (Grey Paint Brush): garin-the-foolish

2nd Prize (Pirate Draik Egg): pavlovs-human

3rd Prize (Faerie Lutari Morphing Potion): raimubitos

4th Prize (Zombie Paint Brush): kidemperour

5th Prize (One Thousand Dubloon Coin): piinkbori

6th Prize (Snowbunny): janelle—pierzina

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