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Easter Giveaway (Part II)


It’s now time for the much anticipated 2nd part of my Easter giveaway. Since I can’t think of much to say right now, I’ll just get right to it.





The first prize will be a draik + fountain faerie quest custom.



The 2nd prize will be a fountain faerie quest.


Just a reminder:

Since I’m seeing quite a few people still reblogging this post, I’d like to remind you that my giveaway has already ended, and I have picked the winners earlier this morning. My apologies for not indicating the deadline for my giveaway on my original post (I did not know how many entries I was going to get, so I didn’t set an initial time). 

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Anonymous asked: how do you buy a ffq? The fq cookie?

Yup. Though I have been having a lot of luck with ffq’s lately. I had 5 in the past ~2 months or so. Last year I only got 2.

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Anonymous asked: Can I just ask, how do you afford all of these items for all of the giveaways you do?

Well the ffq’s really don’t cost much (and the draik egg was a lucky find from the forgotten shore). But I do also make ~120k/day from the battledome (I have premium, which allow me to win nerkmids from the cosmic dome), food club, and flash games.

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Easter Giveaway (Part II) Winners

And the winners are:

1. dariforthewin for a draik + ffq custom

2. whensnorklesfly for a ffq

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you everyone for participating!

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Just realised that I reblogged the wrong link for my giveaway this morning.

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Easter Giveaway (Part II)


Just a reminder that the 2nd part of my giveaway has started. Since I have been receiving a lot of entries (and I really want to be able to regain use of ssw again), I have decided to end this giveaway a little early. The winner will be announced on Monday, April 21st, sometime in the morning.

Just a few small things:

1. While you can reblog this giveaway post as many times as you wish, please do the courtesy of tagging your post if you’re reblogging multiple times so that your followers’ dashes don’t end up being flooded.

2. If you do not want one of the prizes (ie you only wish to win the draik custom or the ffq), please indicate so in your post or send me a private message.

Good luck everyone!

Final chance to enter. The winners of my giveaway will be announced tomorrow morning!

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my entire fucking dash is that ffq giveaway i cant help but be suspicious about

Are you talking about my giveaway? Don’t worry, it is fully legitimate. I’ve been having a lot of luck with the ffqs (got 5 of them in the past 2 months), and right now I have one completed ffq as…

Today’s the last chance to enter for my giveaway. I will be making draws for the winners tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

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Texts from superheroes.

this is gold

"We are like kin!"

"you could always adopt, hopefully it would work out better for you than it did for me"

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